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"Are you a web developer or web designer?"

It does not matter who you are. you are already using "AXISJ".

Javascript has been the most widely used language by developers globally with its steady growth. Accordingly, UI development by using Javascript, which had been almost impossible before, has been possible and the market is still growing. Javascript UI development has already been done widely in many countries but it is difficult to find the successful cases in South Korea and in turn it makes Korean developers rely on foreign skills.

Since 2003, 'AXISJ' has developed open-source projects of Javascript UI. In 2005, As the first project, 'ARIAScript' was submitted to Microsoft and improved more afterwards. By 2013, it turned into AXISJ with full functions and design.

Now, 'AXISJ' tries to create the open-source culture in South Korea, with our full passion and responsibility.


AXISJ(from below 'We') is a group and online community developing open-source projects based on Javascript UI framework AXISJ(axis of javascript. We had developed UI library since 2008, but started more official activities and projects since september of 2013 and still growing the projects and our network with many groups and developers all over the country mainly based on Chungmuro area to have more global effects.

Our goal

  1. We create open-source culture in South Korea which did not exist before.
  2. We try to build up Korean software independence not rely on foreign Javascript UI which is an essential part of software development. Furthermore, we try to suggest a better solution to foreign countries.
  3. Not only user interfaces(UI) templates of various styles are offered, but UI is structured based on User Experience and Information Architecture for developers. The guidelines of design in AXISJ also improves UX for developers.


  1. To help building up open-source projects of high quality and grow competitive open-source commit users and contributors.
  2. To keep stable maintenance of open-source project development through profitable business such as open-source support services, Javascript UI builder services and etc.
  3. To bring supports from the government and society as an officially proven open-source organization.
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