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JSON Data Format Viewer, JSONGum

It can be useful when you want to analyze JSON data structure and find the data you want.

Actually JSONGum was created by Javascript master Tom to sort out his own inconvenience.

Let's chew a piece of JSONGum.


so~ pretty!
JSON code highlight shows JSON arranged and neat by applying code block indent.
insanely useful
So useful to show only what you want to see from JSON by tree list format! Also, it can convert HTML or XML to JSON format!
bloody~ simple
Why always need to wrap key values with quotation? Why so picky! JSONGum just sorts out it by itself. Let's dig up the code!

AXISJ is doing various open-source projects like Javascript UI, Web font icons, responsive web templates and etc.

AXISJ will keep making a commitment for a better world of open-source.

AXISJ decided to sell JSONGum for a healthier open-source development.

You can give some hopes to developers in Korea by buying just a gum of $4.99.

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