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Responsive Web Application Template Package

AXU offers efficient methodologies and templates for building up responsive web application.

AXISJ, as a Javascript UI framework, will help you design more powerful font-end displays.

Build up a better web application by using AXISJ!


Simple architecture
Responsive web page architecture and application possible by just understanding layout patterns and namespaces of AXU. With new methods for design and coding.
AXU for all devices
It offers optimized displays based on grid system for various devices screen. Also, provides users a better UX environment.
Powerful AXISJ

Javascript UI library AXISJ with various and powerful themes for mobile devices can be used. A mix of AXU / AXISJ is fantastic as both were developed by AXISJ team.

Built-in AXU

The followings are the collection of web application built by using responsive architecture methods and templates of AXU.


A website built with XE (Xpress Engine) and AXU. Currently traveling the world by cycling with farming experience.

The first website built after making AXU. A personal website of AXISJ designer Jowrney.


AXIcon can be used in various areas from project planning document and design work to development.

Chung-Ang Uni.

Websites of 2nd campus of Chung-Ang University built by using responsive AXU.

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