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Full-Stack Open-source Javascript UI Framework

AXISJ means "Axis of Javascript" and also represents
"Application eXeprience:AX" as well.


API document of class, function, object and prototype is useful for initial introduction of library. Also, the samples prepared for you here can be really useful.
More than 80 components of user interface help you deal with lots of requirements for various displays. Also, it was developed not only to support the latest version of browsers but touch-based devices as well.
Though AXISJ is a nonprofit open-source project, we try our best to respond to users questions on Github ASAP. We offer various technical products such as visit teaching, remote support, email, call service and custom development for companies to be fully responsible for our project and the source.

AXISJ Features

Only a few lines of code enable the user interface components pre-made already.
It is structured to be adaptable and expandable according to requirement changes or additions of various web application.
AXISJ is an open-source. You can share your ideas anytime to improve it more through the issue tracker and also can participate in developing together.
Not only the project leader "Tom" but also all of the team members dream of front-end bright future. That is why we keep trying to communicate with you to make it better.


All of AXISJ codes can be downloaded from Github.
To install AXISJ, you can download the source code from Github or Bower which distributes Github codes.

Install AXISJ from Bower

Installing AXISJ is simple and easy.

Copy and paste the downloaded file of AXISJ in an appropriate location of your project. (In this sample, the file was put in the project root / 'axisj' folder.)

Type in codes to load CSS and JS files in HTML codes of the pages where you want to use AXISJ.

Then, if needed, load CSS and JS files of some components of UI. This sample shows the codes to enable AXGrid component.

Define the id of HTML element where you want to put the UI component. The id will be used in UI configuration for later.

'id' is a unique element and there should not be two id elements with the same id name in one HTML document.

Define UI configuration and data. Each component of UI has different configuration values.

Check if the UI is set as your intention and enjoy cup o tea.

Such piece of cake. Int it?

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